Cannabis Penny Stocks: GB Sciences Gains 15% Today

Penny Stocks

Looking at the cannabis penny stocks market today, it’s clear to see that the market is bullish.

In the cannabis sphere, the stock of the moment is Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY)—this cannabis production giant has experienced gains of over 50% this week, demanding everyone’s attention. Is TLRY causing a ripple effect across the market even at the penny stocks level?

Cannabis Penny Stocks: GB Sciences Inc.

GB Sciences Inc. (OTCQB:GBLX) is on our radar as it has grown an impressive 15% today. Is this the beginning of its much-anticipated stock take-off? Or is this week’s particularly bullish market encouraging this stock?

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The fourth annual GB Sciences “Innovation in Medical Cannabis Therapies” symposium is scheduled for November 9th. Today, the company announced that it has gathered its cannabis industry leaders for discussions at this event and maybe this is why its shares are 15% in the green.

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The “immense potential for cannabis-based therapies and the challenges of delivering on their medical promise under state-regulated programs” will be the two main areas under the spotlight.

Dr. Andrea Small-Howard, Chief Science Officer at GB Sciences, said about the symposium:

“This event is dedicated to moving cannabis from alternative to mainstream medicine, and we are excited to welcome such a distinguished panel of speakers and guests. Our symposium is an open discussion and a place for innovators to connect and break down the technical and societal barriers to cannabis as medicine.”

Symposiums Attract Penny Stocks Investors

The event should attract cannabis figures from the areas of biotech, nanotech, metabolomics, cultivation, and extraction tech.

GB Sciences is a cannabis penny stocks company that focuses on standardized and pharma-grade cannabis production along with biopharmaceutical research and development. It has a goal of discovering effective treatments for a variety of ailments harnessing the potential of marijuana.

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