Wall Street Expert Issues Strong BUY Alert

The audience sat in utter silence.

That’s because Wall Street options trading expert, Felix Frey just crushed his presentation at TradersEXPO New York City by calling it “one of the most significant discoveries since the internet was born” and revealed, “The Options Secret Used by the Top 1% to Gain Edge.

When Felix Frey delivers a presentation recommending a specific stock or option, it pays to listen.

The last two times he did this, his picks saw triple-digit gains!

But as Felix made perfectly clear in his live Options Seminar, this strategy requires traders to follow his simple system — and the traders who follow it and get in early could amass a fortune so quickly, it could send them into early retirement.

Since his presentation, Felix sent a Buy Signal for MT Puts to the OptionsGeek community that made a WHOPPING 493.33% return… in just 19 Days!

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That’s not the only big win Felix has had since the seminar.

In early June, Felix sent a trade to buy PRU Calls.

Guess what? Those PRU Calls went from $1.49 to $6.60 in just 5 Days.

That’s a 342.95% return!

Felix takes the guesswork out of trading options.

For his next buy recommendation, he’ll reveal a little-known company that he feels will explode in the near future — and why the highest paid money managers on Wall Street are buying this stock up like hotcakes.

Never one to mince words, Felix says that getting in early in this company now, while they are still in the early stages, could set you up for a massive windfall in the months ahead.

This industry is poised to go parabolic, even crazier than the pot industry, and if you wait, you could miss out on the biggest money-making opportunity since the birth of the internet.

Felix will be revealing his next Legendary Pick within the next 24 hours. Don’t miss out!

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