VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (CSE:VSBY) – Company Profile
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VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Company Profile

Headquartered in Philadelphia, VSBLTY Groupe Technologies (CSE:VSBY) (OTC:VSBGF) is the world leader in Proactive Digital Display™, a technology that is transforming the digital media landscape through Interactive Touch, FacialAnalytics™ and Advanced Object Recognition with ground-breaking applications in retail and security. VSBLTY is enhancing security using disruptive technologies for schools, transit hubs, stadiums, and smart city applications.

VSBLTY offers industry-leading tools like VisionCaptor™ and DataCaptor™, which combine motion graphics and interactive brand messaging on any digital display at the point of customer contact with “first of it’s kind” FacialAnalytics. Using Edge and Cloud-enabled digital display solutions allow retailers to enhance customer experience with interactive brand messaging that is triggered by identity, demographic or sentiment, while at the same time gaining groundbreaking levels of measurement and actionable items.

The vast potential of VSBLTY’s software suite hinges on the processing capabilities of Edge. With edge computing, VSBLTY can bring the complexity of machine learning down to the level of the computer without a dependency on sending information out to the cloud through a network or internet connection, resulting in a unique and powerful combination of real-time data collection and targeted interactive content.

VSBLTY software tools teach computers how to interpret their surroundings, contextualize all the information and deliver it to the end-user streamlined for the particular security application. This means that one or even hundreds of “persons of interest” and specific objects like backpacks or weapons can be identified in large crowds within a matter of milliseconds.

Transforming Retail Spaces and Providing Actionable Insights

Traditional Point of Sales (POS) and Out of Home advertising offer very limited engagement and lack measurement, analytics, and attribution. Now, thanks to VSBLTY’s innovative systems, the future of Out of Home advertising is being transformed, becoming dynamic and digital.

VSBLTY’s SaaS software and optics empower digital display to make it smarter, turning simple digital signage into invaluable analytics tools with the ability to recognize who is looking at its message, interacting with them and engaging by the brands that play on them all in real time. VSBLTY takes passive digital signage and makes it proactive, providing more actionable intelligence than ever before.

VSBLTY software has proprietary facial analytics that reveals viewer demographic profiles that include age and gender, interactivity, length of engagement, the number of impressions and even the percentage of people look at the sign.

VisionCaptor™ offers dynamic, interactive brand messaging on transparent glass displays and provides a wide range of capabilities to offer a complete customer experience with photos, animations, video, and multimedia content. VisionCaptor™ has been optimized to run on multiple form factors and can support any file type and message format with an unlimited number of videos and images. 

DataCaptor™ leverages camera and sensor technology by using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision to provide audience measurement and real-time analytics. When it is coupled with VisionCaptor, it delivers custom, triggered content that is based on who the camera “sees”, by sentiment, demographic or identity. What’s more, DataCaptor can report on everything from gender, age range, and sentiment to dwell time, content interaction, footfall traffic, and more.

VSBLTY software can be integrated into virtually any type of digital screen, however, the company also offers its own hardware through strategic partnerships with leading hardware manufacturers. VSBLTY (CSE:VSBY) (OTC:VSBGF) works hand-in-hand with its hardware manufacturing partners to ensure seamless integration for retailers and venues. The selection of retail hardware solutions available include kiosks, digital shelf banners, digital headers, shelf strips, shelf talkers and interactive coolers.

Leading the Digital Transformation in Security

Today, technologists and security specialists are working 24/7 and breaking new ground to find ways to keep the general population safe in public venues. VSBLTY digital signage, cameras, and proprietary software also include a security application for schools, casinos, retailers and other venues. VSBLTY Vector combines video screens with facial recognition software and criminal databases to identify persons of interest and alert field specialists so they can help secure their venues in real time. 

VSBLTY’s facial recognition software and alert system assists security teams and raises the level of public safety while lowering the view of the camera. VSBLTY Vector’s industry-leading cognitive APIs enable advanced facial recognition and other advanced image analytics that are crucial to enhancing today’s security requirements when recognizing weapons or suspicious persons in a crowd.

VSBLTY Vector is a software module that uses computer vision and machine learning to enable facial and object recognition, as well as demographic and emotional recognition to identify individuals in large crowds. By having the cameras directly embedded into a display screen opposed to traditional overhead cameras, a more accurate facial recognition is captured. What’s more, VSBLTY Vector is able to interface with any existing IP cameras

With a local non-cloud database of endless biometric entries, VSBLTY Vector can work in a closed system with great speed, precision, and accuracy, without internet dependency for biometric or facial recognition.

To augment this on-site technology platform, VSBLTY Vector threat analysis monitors the dark web, searching for posts and chatter to identify preemptive threats. This analysis, combined with real-time alerts to sophisticated dashboards and mobile interfaces, allow this platform to perform like no other security enhancement on the market today. 

What’s more, because these digital screens can run advertising for brands that want to reach these fanbases, the marketing revenue offsets the cost of the security deployment, making VSBLTY Vector a very cost-efficient option.

Meet the VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Team

Jay Hutton – Co-Founder and CEO

Jay Hutton is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at VSBLTY. Jay has more than 25 years of experience as a seasoned software executive. Prior to VSBLTY, he served as the VP of business development and sales at Applied Voice and Speech Technologies and as VP of business development at Digital Dispatch Systems. Jay is the visionary leader of VSBLTY and at the same time brings day-to-day balance to the team in order to foster quick-to-market client opportunities with focused, disciplined attention on the challenges inherent in their execution.


Tim Huckaby – Co-Founder and CTO

Tim Huckaby is the Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer at VSBLTY. Tim brings over 35 years of technology experience to the team, which includes serving as a development lead on an architecture team at Microsoft. He is an industry influencer focused on AI, computer vision, AR/MR, emerging user experiences and machine learning. Time is a Microsoft Gold Development Partner and has been called the pioneer of the Smart Client Revolution.


Fred Potok – Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer

Fred Potok is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales at VSBLTY. He brings over 20 years of consumer packaged goods and retail experience to the team. Fred also founded privately held in-store advertising company FloorGraphics and grew the firm from $1 million in 1997 up to $70 million in 2001. FloorGraphics ranked #11 in Forbes as the fastest growing privately held company in 2003 and #39 on the Inc. Magazine’s 500 list of entrepreneurial firms. 


Linda Rosanio – Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

Linda is a Co-Founder and the Chief Operating Officer at VSBLTY. She has over 30 years of experience driving business for her clients through the development of smart, efficient and sales generating marketing programs. Linda began her career as a media specialist before running one of the most successful woman-owned ad agencies in the country. As COO at VSBLTY, she combines her marketing communications experience with the powerful technology to generate high-level customer interaction, unprecedented data analytics and sales for retailers and CPG clients. 


Jan Talamo – Chief Creative Officer

Jan Talamo is the Chief Creative Officer at VSBLTY. He has over 30 years of experience in the marketing business, executing brand growth ideas and building campaigns for clients in a number of different industries, including consumer packaged goods, hospitality and the casino and gaming industry. Jan has created programs for iconic brands including Caesars Entertainment, Harrah’s, Las Vegas Sands, Grand Hyatt Resorts, Pechanga, Mohegan Sun, Foxwoods, REVEL, Melco Crown Resorts, Empire Resorts, Margaritaville and Darden Restaurant Group, to name a few.


Lisa Johnson – VP of Sales

Lisa Johnson is the Vice President of Sales at VSBLTY. Lisa has extensive experience as a sports marketing and venue executive, having previously served as a director of tickets sales for the Anaheim Ducks NHL hockey team. She also founded an executive consulting firm to develop and implement go-to-marketing strategies, pricing analysis, sales process planning, organizational development, integration expertise, and direct sales advice to partners and clients in emerging technologies.