Shares of GoPro Increased 20% After Q2 Earnings Report

Another big day for those thinking about investing in computer hardware stocks. On Friday, GoPro (NASDAQ:$GPRO) skyrocketed double-digits following the release of better-than-expected quarterly financial results on Thursday night.

GoPro might be popular amongst a community of active and adventurous people, but CEO Nick Woodman told CNBC on Friday that the company is still in a position to expand and keep a closed lid on expenses.

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“GoPro is growing,” Woodman said. He added, “As we shared in the second quarter, we grew across all of our markets internationally. And we still have significant room to grow internationally. We’re seeing great gains there as we localize GoPro’s business to these specific regions around the world.”

Over the course of the past year, shares of the San Mateo, California-based company have dropped almost 40%, as the company has struggled with achieving profitability amongst delays and failed product launches.

However, shares surged 20% after earnings. “The momentum you’re seeing in our business is really coming from our intense focus on efficiency and execution,” Woodman noted. “We are reducing costs wherever possible, and that’s going to continue ongoing in the company. We are very disciplined as it relates to schedule and that’s allowing us to launch products on time this year.”

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