Can GoPro Sustain Momentum Post 14% Jump?

After spending most of the year lingering over the single digits, shares of GoPro (NASDAQ:$GPRO) were finally back in the double digits. Last week, the action-camera maker saw its stock jump 14%, after updating its earlier guidance in a positive outlook.

On Thursday, GoPro announced that it will land at the high end of its earlier guidance for the current quarter, including launches of the Hero 6 action camera and its new Fusion spherical camera. The company’s outlook for revenue is speculated to be between $290 million and #310 million on a 36% to 38% gross margin. Additionally, GoPro revealed that it expects to post an adjusted profit basis for the third quarter.

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While anything is still possible with three weeks left in the quarter, GoPro’s confidence is usually a good indicator.

If the hardware giant were to land at the high end of its revenue range, that translates into 29% year-over-year growth. This would be the fourth quarter of double-digit top-line growth for GoPro, and the company’s second-best surge in that run. Gross margin at or near 38% would be its strongest showing on that front since the end of last year.

However, GoPro still has a long way to go to its old glory days. The stock is trading 89% lower than it was when it peaked three years ago, a few months after the company went public. Revenue maxed out in 2015, and earnings and gross margin peaked the year before that.

So, the question now is whether or not GoPro will be able to sustain its momentum into a real turnaround. The Hero produce line may never regain its peak, but GoPro’s diversified product line arms it with more than a single catalyst.

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