Snapdragon 660 Mobile Platform To Be Included in New Intrinsyc Hardware Development Kit

New Intrinsyc Hardware Development Kit

On Monday, Intrinsyc Technologies Corporation (TSXV:ITC), announced that it was releasing a new Hardware Development Kit featuring the Qualcomm (NASDAQ:$QCOM) Snapdragon 660 Mobile Platform. Intrinsyc is a leading developer of intelligent connected devices.

Intrinsyc also announced the introduction of the Open-Q 660 HDK in order to support the technology companies and application developers looking to utilize the new mobile platform. The HDK will feature all accessories and software tools needed for developers to immediately get work straight out of the box. The goal of this HDK is to empower technology companies to innovate and integrate with the Snapdragon mobile platform. They also seek to provide original equipment manufacturers with a ‘next generation’ technology solution to accelerate testing and development of new devices.

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The HDK will also be capable of developing mobile devices and applications with an Android development platform.

The Snapdragon 660 Mobile Platform is considered by some to be the most powerful 600 tier platform currently available. The list of available supported platforms includes Qualcomm Spectra ISP, Qualcomm Hexagon DSP, Hexagon Vector eXtensions, and Kryo CPU. The platform also boasts an improvement of 30% higher graphical performance and 20% higher CPU performance compared to its predecessors.

Vice President of Global Engineering Intrinsyc Technologies Corporation, Victor Gonzales, said, “The Snapdragon 660 Mobile Platform supports many features previously found only in the premium-tier 800 Series, offering a great value for mobile device developers,”

“The HDK provides device makers and technology companies early access to the Snapdragon 660 Mobile Platform and all the software, tools, and support, they need to accelerate their product development.”

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