2 Small-Cap Stocks Forecasted to Double By the End of the Year

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The end of the year is approaching, and that means investors are scrambling to know which stocks have the potential to double by the end of 2019. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not always going to be the large-cap stocks that have this potential. In fact, according to analysts, the two principal stocks expected to double by the end of the year are small-cap stocks.

Here’s a look at these stocks in detail. Maybe, just maybe, this information will be enough incentive for you to check them out.

Doubling By the End of 2019: Two Small-Cap Stocks

1. The Green Organic Dutchman (TSX:TGOD)

The cannabis industry is booming, so is it surprising that a stock forecasted to double by the end of the year is a cannabis-related one? Not really. But, people might be surprised that it’s small-cap stock The Green Organic Dutchman that’s in an attractive position and not a more known cannabis stock such as Aurora Cannabis (TSX:ACB) (NYSE:ACB).

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The Green Organic Dutchman is more lowkey, and it’s no stranger to losses. However, investors should look at the Canadian cannabis producer’s growth potential. TGOD has a facility in Valleyfield, which was recently certified and has over 1.3 million square feet of grow space. After the facility is complete, the company will own the world’s largest organic cannabis facility; this puts the company in its own category against competitors. On top of that, The Green Organic Dutchman might see its annual production capacity jump by nearly 240% by late 2021.

With The Green Organic Dutchman, the market can expect the company to carry out positive developments, with investors being rewarded with significant gains. But you have to watch the stock for a while; get a feel for it before putting all your eggs in the TGOD basket.

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2. Stingray Group (TSX:RAY.A)

Entertainment stocks have just as much power as cannabis stocks in 2019. At least, that’s the case with small-cap stock Stingray Group, a Montreal-based company that provides business-to-business multi-platform music to individuals. While it’s true the company has experienced some losses this year—a loss of nearly $12 million as of the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019–Stingray Group is thought to be moving into a new growth phase.

According to analysts, there are going to be a handful of opportunities for Stingray Group as it comes into fiscal 2020. Not only do people expect the company to exploit cross-platform and cross-selling synergies, but Stingray’s stock price target is forecasted to jump from less than $7 to $12. And that in itself is enough reason to watch Stingray Group as we approach the year-end.

Entertainment and Cannabis: The Routes to Choose

It’s pretty obvious that the cannabis and entertainment industries are dominating sectors, especially as of late. But what investors might forget is that sometimes, the big-names won’t help you as much as you think they would. Sure, Spotify is cool, but Stingray Group is up there as well. And sure, Aurora Cannabis is one of the most famous cannabis companies in Canada, but The Green Organic Dutchman brings a lot to the table as well. And both of these stocks are meant to be big by the end of this year. Will you be around to see that?

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