Small Cap Stocks Under 20 Cents: VentriPoint Diagnostics

small cap stocks

Small cap stocks are always going to bring a certain amount of risk.

But we are looking to really minimize that risk by bringing you super-low stock prices that have potential far bigger than the price tag. 

Today, we’re checking out a Canada-based company that, currently, is selling for less than the price of a stamp!

Small Cap Stocks: VentriPoint Diagnostics Ltd.

VentriPoint (TSXV:VPT) is a medical device maker specializing in heart monitoring and diagnostics. Its flagship tool is its VentriPoint Medical System (VMS), which the company claims to be the only cost-effective and accurate way to measure heart function in all four chambers.

The VMS generates 3D models with volume and functional measurements in a few minutes. Doctors can use this to acutely assess the severity or development of a disease and move forward with treatment accordingly. 

Small Cap Stocks with Global Approval 

Currently, both the US and Canada use the VMS technology. But the company has plans to expand to Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and has received approval in those regions too.

The ‘newness’ of this company is what should pique investor excitement. The potential with this small cap stock is huge as there is a lot still pending for VentriPoint. 

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The VMS system is currently used by the MD Anderson Cancer Center to clinically evaluate cancer patients. Also in Edmonton, Canada, the VMS has been installed at the University of Alberta Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute. It will be used here with oncology patients that require contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging.

Small Cap Stocks Potential

This Toronto-based company has a market cap just shy of $13 million, and let’s be fair, its product is brand new to the market. From this point, yes, this small cap stock can be deemed a risk. However, shares are currently selling for only $0.14 a share. That is cheap! Less-than-a-stamp cheap.

So is it worth the risk? That will have to be up to you to decide.

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