Premier Health Group Gains Over 75% in One Month, Receives 2 STRONG BUY Recommendations

Premier Health Group

As January rolls along, Wall Street’s found its first big winner of the new decade. That winner is Premier Health Group Inc. (CSE:PHGI) (OTCQB:PHGRF)

Premier Health is a healthcare technology company that is strategically positioned to deliver disruptive solutions and take advantage of lucrative business opportunities in the global health care industry.

On December 19, the company entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Livecare Health Canada Inc. This news kicked off a major run, as PHGI shares have risen from $0.28 to $0.50. That’s an increase in value of 76.79% in less than 30 days!

This kind of run is what turns heads, and accordingly, PHGI has been showing up on a lot of analysts’ radars.

Premier Health Awarded Multiple STRONG BUY Ratings’s technical analysis recently returned a “STRONG BUY” recommendation for Premier Health Group Inc. (CSE:PHGI) (OTCQB:PHGRF). This recommendation is based on 12 positive moving averages and eight positive technical indicators.

Of particular interest to potential PHGI investors, the analysis found zero negative averages or indicators.

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Premier Health Group

The same rating was awarded to PHGI by TradingView’s technical analysis. This analysis also considers moving averages as well as oscillators and pivots. 

Remarkably, TradingView’s technical analysis determined 16 positive moving averages for PHGI, with only one neutral average and absolutely no negative ones. Ultimately, the analysis returned a “STRONG BUY” recommends a “STRONG BUY” action for Premier Health Group’s stock.

Premier Health Group

Finally, the technical analysis for Barchart has led that site to issue a 40% BUY average for Premier Health Group Inc. (CSE:PHGI) (OTCQB:PHGRF). This is primarily based on the stock’s 100-day performance.

Premiere Health Group’s Acquisition of Livecare

The company’s quick, yet impressive run up the market is a result of the exciting announcement that PHGI is acquiring Livecare, a Canadian Telehealth company founded and operated by physicians dedicated to giving patients access to quality, real-time healthcare.

That closing of that acquisition was announced on January 13th. Thanks to the deal, Premier Health will be able to leverage Livecare’s existing partnerships and technology. This includes secure, encrypted, face-to-face video and messaging, a personalized health record used for storing, managing, and sharing one’s health information, and over 500 independent active health practitioner accounts.

In addition to Livecare, Premier Health Group Inc. (CSE:PHGI) (OTCQB:PHGRF) has also acquired HealthVue and Cloud Practice.

With HealthVue, doctors can see their patients from anywhere in the world. Its platform also allows doctors to chat with or consult clinical staff, pharmacists, other doctors, specialists, or their patient’s charts.

In addition, patients can remotely book appointments with the MyHealth Access Patient Portal App. The app also lets them review their charts or labs in real-time, reorder their subscriptions quickly and conveniently, and talk to physicians and medical practitioners without having to visit a hospital.

Cloud Practice offers software-as-a-service-based health tech applications. These include cloud-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, medical billing software, and an online patient portal.

The need for a more efficient, more widely available healthcare model isn’t just about money, it’s about empowering patients and medical professionals alike. PHGI offers leading solutions in this field, and its strategic acquisitions have been drawing the attention of analysts and investors.

Keep your eye on this exciting company as it continues to disrupt the healthcare space.

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