Premier Health Group Receives Two “Strong BUY” Ratings

Premier Health Group

Analysts across the board are offering very positive recommendations to Premier Health Group Inc. (CSE:PHGI) (OTCQB:PHGRF) – a healthcare technology company that is strategically positioned to deliver disruptive solutions and capitalize on lucrative business opportunities in the global healthcare industry.

Premier Health Group

Premier Health Group Inc. (CSE:PHGI) (OTCQB:PHGRF) stock price has continued to climb since the beginning of 2020, increasing by 30.98% since December 31 to C$0.46 on the Canadian Securities Exchange. During the same period, the company’s share price increased by 29.68% on the OTC.

Premier Health has a market cap of C$39,389,000, with 81,213,470 shares issued.

Premier Health Group Awarded Multiple “Strong BUY” Recommendations

Premier Health Group Inc. (CSE:PHGI) (OTCQB:PHGRF) currently has a “BUY” recommendation from TradingView’s technical analysis, which takes into account multiple indicators to give an overall assessment of the stock’s price and direction. While the overall recommendation is a “BUY”, the moving averages indicators have been awarded a “Strong BUY.

TradingView technical analysis’s technical analysis has also issued a “Strong BUY” rating for Premier Health Group Inc. (CSE:PHGI) (OTCQB:PHGRF), with nine moving averages showing the stock as a “BUY” six technical indicators pointing to a “Strong BUY.”

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On January 20, Premier Health Group Inc. (CSE:PHGI) (OTCQB:PHGRF) share price closed at US$0.39 on the OTC. According to MorningStar, a fair value for the stock is US$0.63, meaning it is undervalued and is currently trading at a 39% discount.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Premier Health Group Inc. (CSE:PHGI) (OTCQB:PHGRF) has been handed positive recommendations and it likely won’t be the last.

The company has continued to release positive news, including the recent acquisition of Livecare, a Canadian Telehealth company founded and operated by physicians dedicated to giving patients access to quality, real-time healthcare.

According to Premier’s CEO Dr. Essam Hamza, “Livecare has been a pioneer in telemedicine and their knowledge and relationships will be invaluable to our plans moving forward.”

The deal allows Premier Health Group Inc. (CSE:PHGI) (OTCQB:PHGRF) to leverage Livecare’s existing partnerships and technology, which includes secure, encrypted, face-to-face video and messaging, a personalized health record used for storing, managing, and sharing one’s health information, and more than 500 independent active health practitioner accounts.

Prior to acquiring Livecare, Premier added HealthVue and Cloud Practice to its portfolio.

HealthVue allows doctors to see their patients from anywhere in the world, as well as chat with or consult clinical staff, other physicians, pharmacists, specialists and even their patient’s charts.

It also allows patients to book appointments remotely with the MyHealth app, review their charts or lab results in real-time, refill prescriptions, and talk to physicians and medical practitioners without having to visit a hospital.

Cloud Practice offers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) health tech applications, including cloud-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, medical billing software, and an online patient portal.

In short, Premier Health Group Inc. (CSE:PHGI) (OTCQB:PHGRF) is a force to be reckoned with in the Telehealth industry and is definitely a company investors should consider adding to their watchlists.

With multiple “Strong BUY” recommendations, it’s clear that analysts see great things coming down the pipeline for the company.

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