3 Major Penny Stocks to Watch: ISIG, PTX, and ALRN

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We’re checking out three penny stocks that are making major gains today. Penny stocks offer investors great potential at a reasonable price. Of course, that’s if the company you are betting on actually delivers and doesn’t fold like a napkin.

We’re always on the lookout here for the potential plays. Here are three of today’s top gainers.

Penny Stocks to Watch: Insignia Systems Inc.

Insignia Systems (NASDAQ:ISIG), better known as just Insignia, manufactures in-store signage and promotional advertising media and packaging for retailers and products.

ISIG shares are in the midst of a bull run, which began two days ago. Now selling for $1.36 USD, this penny stock is up over 20% from Monday’s $1.13 on the NASDAQ. How long the bull run will last, we can never tell, but with a climb of over 20% in two days, investors should keep an eye here.

Penny Stocks Climbing: Pernix Therapeutics

US-based Pernix Therapeutics (NASDAQ:PTX) is by far today’s biggest gainer. Up a whopping 72% at the time of writing, this penny stock is selling for $2.05 USD. Maybe it’s not so surprising, but there is no particular news to have caused the surge.

According to Seeking Alpha, PTX shares have grown over 263% already in 2019. 

The specialty pharmaceutical company focuses on acquiring, developing, and commercializing prescription drugs primarily for the US market. Is Pernix showing us exactly why investors are so intrigued by the pharma sector, with its sudden and inexplicable gains?

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Penny Stocks On the Rise: Aileron Therapeutics

Another gainer today is Aileron Therapeutics (NASDAQ:ALRN) (also in the pharmaceutical sector, may I add). Since Tuesday, February 12th, the ALRN penny stock has surged 65%. Currently, shares are selling for $2.20 USD.

Headquartered in Cambridge Massachusetts, here is another pharma company with no definite news to reflect the stock surge. At this rate, however, it may not surprise you that ALRN stock has been given three BUY ratings by the three analysts covering it. This is according to reporters at NMSU News.

So there you have three major gainers on the penny stocks spectrum. Happy hunting investors!

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