NXT-ID Stock: A Volatile Software Stock for Risk Takers


NXT-ID (NASDAQ:NXTD) is a top-mover on the stock market this week. Today, shares are up a further 7.16% at the time of writing, currently selling for $0.78 USD on the NASDAQ.

NXT-ID has its share of controversy, however, and has underperformed rather dramatically in the long term.

NXT-ID Stock

NXT is a volatile play; shares have dropped approximately 25.66% in the last three months, but have still advanced 6.35% year-to-date. But this slight advancement is nowhere near enough to suggest that NXT is a winning play. Because in the last three years, shares have lost a total of 80%.

At the same time, however, according to Simplywallstreet:

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“On average over the last three years, Nxt-ID, Inc. has grown earnings per share (EPS) by 91% each year (using a line of best fit). In the last year, its revenue is up 6.7%.”

With revenue up, the company’s operations have at least improved. And this is a potential sign that the underlying business is working, albeit modestly.

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NXT-ID Operations

The technology company develops hardware and software security systems and applications. Its prime areas of focus include security, healthcare, financial technology, and the Internet of Things.

One of its flagship products is MobileBio. TheStockMarketWatch describes this as “a suite of biometric solutions that secure consumers’ mobile platforms; Wocket, a next-generation smart wallet; and Flye, a digital credit card developed in collaboration with WorldVentures.”

Earlier today, NXT-ID’s subsidiary, Fit Pay, announced a collaboration with CPI Card Group Inc (NASDAQ:PMTS). The press release states that “Fit Pay selected CPI’s embedded contactless technology, Adaptives, to power contactless transactions for Flip, its new contactless payment device.”

Flip is, as stated, a new contactless payment device that allows customers to buy from any store that accepts contactless payments. The software comes with an accompanying digital wallet that allows users to store and manage funds transferred in from bank accounts. Interestingly, it supports Bitcoin and altcoin wallets.

Volatile Play

If you enjoy a speculative play, then NXTD stock might return some sudden gains. But this is a stock that has lost far more than gained in recent years, so to expect long-term results may be futile. Expecting short and sudden bursts, however, is far more plausible, so for the investor who isn’t afraid to lose anything, NXT-ID is a potential.

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