Without a Solution to The Current Crisis… The Public is Turning to Hemp Oil-Powered Products to Boost their Immune Systems


eCommerce Specialists MOTA Ventures Corp. (CSE:MOTA) (OTC:PEMTF) is Witnessing Rapid Customer Growth… more than 20,000+ New Customers During Crisis

All over the world, people are stuck indoors… and it’s looking more and more like this crisis won’t be over anytime soon.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for brands to step up to the plate and deliver solutions that the public desperately needs.

Zoom, for example, has already become a household name.1

But even more than video conferencing, the public is seeking protection from this crisis that’s severely impacting the world  

As biotech companies race to develop a solution, many of their stocks are skyrocketing… but no definitive solution has been announced…

While millions wait, thousands have already started stocking up on natural alternatives that can boost their immune systems and keep them from getting sick…2 

…and one company is seeing an unprecedented amount of new customers for its essential oil and hemp oil-powered immune support product line.

So let’s take a look at this company that’s already showing its prowess in growing its customer base, successfully delivering products during the crisis, and most importantly generating REAL impressive revenues that the market seems to have not yet given credit for.


Meet MOTA Ventures Corp. (CSE:MOTA (OTC:PEMTF) (OTC:PEMTF), an established eCommerce retailer of hemp-oil-ingredients products in Europe and the USA, that’s witnessing EXPLOSIVE growth in sales—including 832% growth in February 2020 over the same period last year.3

There’s no better example of their capabilities to adjust and deliver products that customers demand, than their recent launch of an immune support product4 through its First Class line.

Within ONE WEEK of announcing this pure herbal immunity blend product—the company had ALREADY ACQUIRED 1,838 NEW CUSTOMERS.5

In 2019, the company posted revenue of CAD$28.7 million, with an EBITDA of CAD$3.58 million (approximately 12.5%).6

Now with two premium brands atop its product portfolio (First Class and Sativida), MOTA Ventures Corp. (CSE:MOTA (OTC:PEMTF) has a very impressive business strategy ahead for sales and distribution in both the USA and in Europe… and it’s still just ramping up.

In the US alone, with its First Class hemp-oil formula line, the company boasts a current customer base of 150,000 customers… with additional leads of over 500,000 potential customers.

Mota Ventures Is Crushing the CBD eCommerce Market in the US and Europe! Get The Latest News About This Hot Stock Delivered Right to Your Inbox!


Much criticism7 has been leveled at the legal pot and hemp sectors in the early days of its legalization.

However, it’s been innovation and proper strategy that has overcome the detraction in the early stages, and has given rise to profitable businesses, such as MOTA Ventures Corp. (CSE:MOTA (OTC:PEMTF).

MOTA is not a pot play.

MOTA is not a hemp play.

MOTA is a profitable eCommerce play that’s built itself on favorable relationships with its suppliers, and an innate gift of acquiring new customers through savvy marketing and funnels.

This is a multi-million dollar revenue generating business, designed to grow rapidly… and growing rapidly is exactly what it has done.

Thanks to its zero-inventory business model, MOTA Ventures Corp. (CSE:MOTA (OTC:PEMTF) has the ability to shift on the fly, and deliver to customers what they desire when they desire it.

If the market sees an uptick in demand for gummies… MOTA has that covered.

If the market sees an uptick in demand for coffee, oil, topical rubs or anything else that’s derived from hemp-oil ingredients… MOTA has those covered too.

This is why the company was able to instantly launch, market, and sell its latest line of herbal immune support products so quickly.

And it provides next-day shipping, with 1-5 day delivery, through the reliable USPS system.

The bulk of the inventory risk is taken on by the suppliers, as MOTA can supply through its relationships on demand through each order.

MOTA Ventures Corp. (CSE:MOTA (OTC:PEMTF) is built as a marketing, sales, and distribution empire, with an eCommerce specialty in a market currently untouched by the biggest eCommerce players in the game…

MOTA is engaged in TWO major markets for these products as well… including a market expected to reach around USD$1.8 billion by 2022 in the US alone8, and in Europe by 400% by 2023 to a total value of $1.7 billion9.

And it’s doing so, under the leadership of eCommerce veterans who have the experience to handle all types of challenges and demands, in order to meet the needs of their customers.


Unless you’re a trained and licensed analyst, it’s very difficult to determine whether a company is undervalued or not, especially in the pot and hemp industries. Most companies are “vertically-integrated” and try to do too many things that leads to unprofitability.

But in the case of MOTA Ventures Corp. (CSE:MOTA (OTC:PEMTF), this is a business that is now PROFITABLE. One cannot ignore how disproportionate its revenues are versus its market cap—especially when compared to other players in the sector who sell products similar to those in MOTA’s portfolio and are losing a significant amount of money.

Mota Ventures Is Crushing the CBD eCommerce Market in the US and Europe! Get The Latest News About This Hot Stock Delivered Right to Your Inbox!

Pot- and Hemp-Derived Comparables

While the bigger players have a lot more vertically-integrated infrastructure in place, it can’t be ignored that the value the market is giving MOTA Ventures Corp. (CSE:MOTA (OTC:PEMTF) today is not commensurate to their revenue.

And these revenues only account for sales from the recently acquired First Class brand line, and not that of the other European-based Sativida brand.

The company has plans to not only bring the popular Sativida brand into the US market, but also will take its expertise into the EU market to acquire more customers for the company’s streamlined eCommerce platform.

Now with added resources, and months more of market exposure and brand growth in hand, there’s a lot to look forward to, in terms of potential revenue growth.

Already with new products such as herbal immune system support from First Class, the company has shown it can quickly acquire new customers for its portfolio. As the company continues to gain new customers, sales in 2020 are looking optimistic.


When MOTA Ventures Corp. (CSE:MOTA (OTC:PEMTF) acquired the brand Sativida earlier this year, it gained an important entry point into a significant market.

Sativida is a leading European-based online retailer of 100% organic products with hemp-oil ingredients. Products include oils and cosmetics, which are marketed across Europe, and are in the process of expansion into the USA.

The company has already applied for its Novel Foods permit, which allows products to be sold in the EU.

Sativida products are currently distributed in Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

It’s already popular, as one of the top search-ranked online retailers in Spain and Mexico.

The award winning product line is known for its minimal heavy metal content, and accurate levels of hemp-derived ingredients.

Using Sativida’s EU-based supply chain and regulatory compliance, MOTA can and will also launch its First Class product line in Europe.


Ryan Hoggan – Chief Executive Officer
Ryan Hoggan took over the leadership of MOTA after the acquisition of the First Class from his other company Unified Funding, LLC, of which he is a Partner and former President. He brings over 18 years of leadership, global business development and entrepreneurship experience in the health equipment, medical devices and natural health products sectors. Since 2014, he’s given considerable attention in his work towards hemp-based products and essential oils. At the head of Unified Funding, the business has generated a database of over 4.5 million customer records, and facilitated over $200 million in consumer transactions from more than one million paying customers in sectors such as beauty, nutrition, and hemp-based products.
Joel Shacker – President

Joel Shacker has worked extensively in the legal pot/hemp and finance space over the past six years and sat on the board of directors for the publicly trading legal pot/hemp lifestyle company Weekend Unlimited Inc. He’s been in charge of leading the expansion into international legal pot/hemp markets and has overseen and developed operations from the ground up. He entered the legal pot/hemp space by founding an extraction company which specialized in licensing proprietary formulas to producers.

Clifford Starke – Director
Clifford Starke is the Chairman of Bermuda-based merchant bank Hampstead Private Capital, which is focused on financing and advising small to mid-market, fast growth companies. Over the course of the last five years, Starke has focused on the legal pot/hemp sector and has acted as a founder, early stage shareholder, financier, advisor and director to multiple cannabis companies in sub-sectors ranging from genetics, cultivation, distribution, and e-commerce that have cumulatively generated over $3 billion dollars of market capitalization. He’s currently the CEO of Franchise, a leading European focused pharmaceutical pot/hemp company with distribution networks across eighteen countries and is the current market leader in Germany.

Noah Laith – CEO of Sativida
In 2016, Noah Laith founded Sativida, an award-winning patient-centered Medical hemp-ingredient company in Spain and has been leading its expansion into international legal pot/hemp markets. Mr. Laith is frequently called upon to share his insights into property investing and entrepreneurship as a keynote speaker and shared stages with Bryan Tracy, Robert Allen, Kevin Harrington and many others. Mr. Laith holds a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Amsterdam.

MOTA Ventures Corp. (CSE:MOTA (OTC:PEMTF) is an established ecommerce retailer of hemp-derived products in Europe and the USA. The company is backed by two flagship brands, namely First Class and Sativida. First Class comes with an already established a customer base of 150,000 customers, an additional +500,000 potential new customer leads, and +USD$21M in sales last year with EBITDA of US$2.63M.

7 Reasons

to Further Examine MOTA Ventures Corp. (CSE:MOTA (OTC:PEMTF)


Coming off 832% Sales Growth in February 2020 over the same period last year.


Launched new immune system support product, and acquired 6,419 new customers in the first 16 days


Flagship First Class hemp-oil formula product line generated over US $21M in sales in 2019, is already profitable, and boasts a current customer base of 150,000 customers.


Zero-inventory business strategy removes risk and allows MOTA to shift focus with each shift in consumer demand.


Profitable eCommerce platform, set for expansion into the EU with the acquisition of the Sativida product line, which opens the door for First Class sales in EU as well.


Compared to other companies in the hemp-derived products sector, MOTA is still being given a market cap value of only 0.58X its revenue.


Veteran leadership team with legal pot/hemp and eCommerce experience.


Mota Ventures Is Crushing the CBD eCommerce Market in the US and Europe! Get The Latest News About This Hot Stock Delivered Right to Your Inbox!

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