Lithium Penny Stocks Down Except for Standard Lithium—Why?

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Standard Lithium (TSXV:SLL) is back in the news. Not only that but the story has made SLL one of the few lithium penny stocks trading in the green on Thursday, September 20th. While SLL trades up, we have stocks like MGX Minerals (CSE:XMG), which was last seen trading down nearly 6%.

Today, NetworkNewsAudio announced an APR titled “New Automakers Emerge as Electric Vehicle Revolution Rages On.” The APR featured Standard Lithium and marked the Vancouver-based company as one of the several companies innovating to meet the demand for electric vehicles.

Lithium Penny Stocks: Standard Lithium

After the APR hit the market, the SLL stock moved into the green—it’s currently trading up just over 2%. Why? Well, first, SLL is getting credited as a leading lithium company.

And two, the APR noted how the Canadian company is leveraging a “moneyball” approach to its Arkansas resource. The lithium penny stock company has done so by signing partnerships with massive chemical producers to leverage existing infrastructure.

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The Moneyball Approach

What’s the point of the ‘moneyball’ approach? It’s merely to create a fast-track toward production. Over the past two years, lithium demand has shot up, with increasing interest in electric cars. To stay in the minds of consumers and mining investors, Standard Lithium knows it has to work harder, and faster.

Working Out for Them

Sometimes fast-tracking things end up causing problems for companies. That doesn’t seem to be happening for this particular lithium penny stock company.

As mentioned, Standard Lithium is one of the few lithium penny stocks doing well on the market today (though this isn’t new; the SLL stock soared last Wednesday after the company provided a pilot plant update).

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The SLL Stock

As of 1:53 p.m. EDT, Standard Lithium is trading at $1.52, which puts SLL up 2.01%.

The Takeaway

Were you surprised to hear Standard Lithium has taken to the ‘moneyball’ approach? Many aren’t; it has been speculated for a while that Standard Lithium is a lithium penny stock to watch.

Don’t forget to check back in tomorrow for more mining penny stock news!

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