LiteLink Technologies Inc (CSE:LLT) – Company Profile
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LiteLink Technologies Inc Company Profile

LiteLink Technologies Inc. (CSE:LLT) is a major player in developing working-class enterprise platforms and wallets. The company provides enterprise-level solutions utilizing artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to solve the logistics industry’s fragmented and outdated technology problem.

The company has created a unified communications platform for tracking shipments and handling disputes and errors in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs for 3PLs, carriers, and shippers.

LiteLink’s platforms use the power of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and Amazon cloud features to change the way the world works in logistics, digital wallets, and payment solutions.

Improving the Freight and Logistics Industry

LiteLink Technologies is committed to alleviating some of the problems faced by the freight and logistics industry, which include complex supply chains, a fragmented trucking industry and communication barriers between carriers, brokers, and shippers.

LiteLink Technologies’ 1Shift Logistics platform is an end-to-end management solution that integrates blockchain, biometric, GPS tracking, and AI technology to enable real-time transparency and tracking along with peer feedback and regulation. 1Shift allows brokers, shippers, and carriers to track shipments and settle payments in real-time. It also removes the need to micro-manage shipments. The platform allows users to make tactical and strategic decisions that are based on accurate, real-time data to stay ahead of competitors and is designed to support large logistics companies as well as mom and pop shops.

1Shift’s key features include AI analysis of paperwork to remove manual overhead; intuitive integration with GPS and onboard Electronic Logging Devices to track truck location and driver hours; capacity search to enable brokers and shippers to create new Carrier relationships; and carrier interface to bid for available freight and update status.

The 1Shift platform offers customized dashboards, AI-driven analytics, transparent bidding, a smart documents system, geolocation tracking, end-to-end visibility, biometric fingerprints, a compliance rating system, and blockchain smart contracts for settlement and invoicing setup.

All-in-One Digital Wallet

LiteLink Technologies also offers uBUCK, a multi-wallet app that manages digital and traditional currency and enables users to make online purchases at supported merchant stores, bars, and restaurants, as well as make cash withdrawals at over 3 million ATM machines worldwide.

uBUCK is a safe, efficient, and practical platform with four built-in wallets: the uBUCK Cash Wallet, a Bitcoin wallet, an Ethereum wallet, and the USD debit card. To ensure the security of information, uBUCK implements multi-factor authentication and 256-bit encryption.

It also offers the uBUCK Black Elite Mastercard, which can be loaded with uBUCK cash from the uBUCK multi-currency wallet.

Unlike other platforms, uBUCK doesn’t charge any fees or commissions to transfer uBUCK Cash to other users.

The uBUCK Pay app will not only be a major benefit for consumers who do not have a credit card or for those with poor credit and/or no access to physical accounts and debit card programs, but it also offers merchants a new payment method with lower merchant transaction fees than most major credit card companies.

Meet the LiteLink Technologies Inc Team


LiteLink Technologies

Ashik Karim

Chief Executive Officer

Ashik Karim brings over two decades of experience in global technology leadership in the telecommunications and high tech sectors to his role as Chief Executive Officer at LiteLink. He has formerly held many prominent roles including Program Delivery Executive at Telus Mobility, IT Executive at Vodafone, Vice President of Consulting at TELCOCELLl, and CEO and Transformation Executive at Striven Consulting. Ashik then turned his focus to start-ups that disrupt enterprise software and consulting companies with AI, blockchain, and leading emerging technologies. Through his extensive experience, Ashik brings the right strategy and tactical focus to LiteLink through his start-up and enterprise platform industry commercialization experience.

LiteLink Technologies

Yasmine Roulleau

Chief Innovation Officer

Yasmine Roulleau brings over 15 years of experience as a business executive to her role as Chief Innovation Officer at LiteLink. She is a global strategist who provides consulting services both nationally and internationally to the government, as well as the public and private sectors. She is known for her ability to take technology platforms from start-up to exit with her extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements and commercialization of data. Yasmine’s expertise includes capacity building, P3 partnerships, and commercialization of data.

LiteLink Technologies

David Kwok

Chief Financial Officer

David Kwok is the Chief Financial Officer at LiteLink, bringing over 15 years of experience working for public companies in various management roles. He previously worked as Operations Controller & Business Administration Manager for Capstone Mining Corp., and Divisional Controller for Xstrata PLC and subsequently for Glencore PLC after the two companies merged. He has also provided financial and business consulting services for publicly traded blockchain companies including BTL Group Ltd. and Victory Square Technologies, as well as a private internet infrastructure company.

LiteLink Technologies

Kent Churn

Executive Delivery

Kent Churn is in charge of Executive Delivery at LiteLink and brings extensive knowledge in operations, sales, delivery, and customer adoption in enterprise technology CRM and billing systems to the role. Prior to joining the team, Kent served as the Managing Partner at Fortune Global 500 management consulting and professional services firm Accenture for over 19 years, with a focus on customer care, business transformation, outsourcing, and technical delivery.

LiteLink Technologies

Jason Lawrence

Chief Technology Officer (Interim)

Jason Lawrence offers over 20 years of delivery experience to his role as Interim Chief Technology Officer at LiteLink. His background includes technical architecture, design, delivery, and program management with an emphasis in finance, logistics, telecom, pharma, and government sectors. Jason spent the last seven years building high-performing delivery organizations for several organizations.


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