Rent-A-Center Raises $50,000 to Help Feed Hungry Families

Feed Hungry Families

Rent-A-Center, Inc. (NASDAQ:RCII) continues in its charitable work, raising $50,000 for Feeding America, the United State’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization.

Rent-A-Center runs an annual campaign called “Fill the Fridge”, with proceeds going to Feeding America food banks across the country.

This year, donations were raised in all of Rent-A-Center’s brick and mortar stores, its AcceptanceNOW kiosk locations in third-party stores, and Home Choice and Get It Now stores. Each individual location competed to raise the most money.

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The highest fundraising totals went to Home Choice Store 02971 in Blaine, Maine with $2,491.78, and ANOW location 05936 in Stockton, California with $2,973.59.

“We asked, and our customers happily gave,” said Tony Silva, Home Choice Sales Manager. “They really wanted to support the families in need.”

Corporate headquarters also gave an additional $1,000 to both of the top fundraising stores to donate to the food bank in their community.

“Hunger is an issue that affects every county in the United States,” said Nancy Curby, senior vice president of corporate partnerships at Feeding America. “We are grateful to Rent-A-Center customers and employees for helping to fight hunger in the communities that they serve.”

Rent-A-Center has donated over a million dollars to local and national hunger relief organizations since 2002.

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