Recreational Cannabis Demand Triggers Massive Investment Opportunity

With Recreational Cannabis Demand Soaring…This Canadian Company Looks to Be The #1 Pot Stock for 2018

DOJA Cannabis (OTC:DJACF) (CSE:DOJA) announces transformational merger PLUS a $10 million equity investment from Canada’s leading medical marijuana producer 

An ongoing wave of legalization throughout North America is triggering a fast-moving opportunity in cannabis stocks. 

Investors who move quickly have a unique chance to exploit the legal cannabis industry’s early stages for significant profit potential. 

This scenario is now unfolding in Canada, where the legalization of recreational marijuana is set to take place by July 1, 2018.[1]

DOJA Cannabis (OTC: DJACF); (CSE: DJOA) Takes Important Steps Toward Becoming Canada’s Dominant Cannabis Retailer

Thanks to a pair of transformational transactions, one Canadian company is taking significant steps ahead of July’s legalization deadline to become the #1 Marijuana Stock for 2018.

That company is British Columbia-based DOJA Cannabis (OTC:DJACF); (CSE:DJOA). 

Just recently, DOJA Cannabis (OTC:DJACF); (CSE:DJOA) — a premium lifestyle-focused brand launched by a team of proven brand builders – announced a merger with Ontario-based Tokyo Smoke, adding two premium cannabis brands as well as additional retail locations throughout Canada.

In addition to this merger – which moves the combined company, to be known as Hiku Brand Co. Ltd., into a position to become the dominant retailer of cannabis in Canada – the company also announced a second critical deal:

Aphria Inc., one of Canada’s largest-volume growers in the medical cannabis space, has committed to a $10 million equity investment into this newly-combined entity to help the company offer the leading cannabis consumer experience.

This strategic partnership and investment from Aphria will also allow DOJA Cannabis (OTC:DJACF); (CSE:DJOA) the opportunity to bring its premium brand products to the Canadian medical markets.

A True “Game-Changing” Deal in the Emerging Canadian Cannabis Industry

The impact of these recent developments could be significant for DOJA Cannabis (OTC:DJACF); (CSE:DJOA) for several key reasons:

  • First, the merger with Tokyo Smoke brings together two industry-leading management teams and creates a portfolio of visionary premium cannabis brands along with a growing nationwide retail footprint.
  • The newly-merged company combines Tokyo Smoke – a best-in-class cannabis producer – with DOJA’s award-winning lifestyle brand and retail-focused cannabis company.
  • The $10 million equity investment from Aphria Inc. brings the company’s cash position up to $31 million, which it plans to invest in expanding its production capacity, growing its retail footprint and adding select brands to its portfolio.
  • In addition, the arrangement with Aphria Inc. includes a supply agreement to secure cannabis concentrate supply for the company’s premium brand portfolio to help ensure secured supply in what is expected to be a tight market in the early days of legalization.

Looming Recreational Legalization Has Touched Off a Race for Supply

Recreational legalization in Canada is expected to provide the nation’s economy with a $22.6 billion annual boost. [2]

And the push to July 1, 2018 legalization has also touched off a massive race among the country’s licensed producers. 

Canadian producers are now scrambling to expand growing capacity quickly because they know the “post-prohibition” growth surge available to them beginning July 1 represents a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Of course, this move toward legalization has also sent shares of some legal cannabis stocks soaring sharply higher

DOJA’s state-of-the-art production facility has already been awarded a cultivation license by the Canadian government – and the company is moving quickly to establish itself as a market-leading lifestyle brand in the Canadian cannabis industry.

Marijuana Stocks Are Delivering Triple-Digit Gains for Investors

The potential associated with marijuana stocks is extraordinary – and a handful of companies have already delivered massive profits for early investors.



Canopy Growth Corp. (OTC: TWMJF)

Market Cap: $3.63 billion

This Canadian-based grower and retailer has soared 158.92% over the last six months.[3]

Aurora Cannabis (TSXV: ACB)

Market Cap: $3.15 billion

A Canadian medical marijuana company, Aurora Cannabis saw its shares soar a whopping 189.47% in the 30-day period ending November 27.[4]

Aphria Inc (TSXV: APH)

Market Cap: $3.15 billion

The Ontario-based medical marijuana company’s shares have more than doubled – climbing 125.5% — over the last three months.[5]

Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc. (OTC: EMHTF)

Market Cap: $361.18 million

This Canadian medical marijuana firm has seen its shares more than triple – soaring 237.76% — over the last three months.[6]

DOJA Cannabis (OTC:DJACF) (CSE:DOJA) has a market cap of roughly $72 million and its shares are currently trading for around $1.25 (CD) each.

But the expected surge in demand coming as legalization in Canada draws near could create explosive profit opportunities in those companies best positioned for success.

Why DOJA Cannabis (OTC:DJACT); (CSE:DOJA) Could Be the Next Marijuana Stock to Soar Higher

DOJA Cannabis (OTC:DJACF); (CSE:DJOA) – via its wholly owned subsidiary, Northern Lights Marijuana Company, is one of only 79 licensed cannabis producers in Canada[7], having received its license to cultivate in June 2017.

But what makes DOJA Cannabis unique is that it is the first lifestyle-focused licensed producer – focusing exclusively on building a cannabis lifestyle brand.

Founded by Trent Kitsch and the same team that successfully built Saxx Underwear, DOJA Cannabis plans to combine its expertise in branded consumer package goods with authentic passion for cannabis culture. 

By positioning DOJA Cannabis as a market-leading lifestyle brand – and curating the finest handcrafted cannabis strains in the market – the company figures to quickly differentiate itself from other Canadian producers.

Think of it this way: If Trent Kitsch can establish a premium brand in a market such as men’s underwear – and quickly grow that brand into a market leader – he can just as easily do the same thing in the legal cannabis industry.

This unique approach – operating as a premium cannabis company – to a market still in its early growth stages offers investors a chance to truly get in on the ground floor of a truly differentiated company with DOJA Cannabis (OTC: DJACF); (CSE: DJOA).

And DOJA Cannabis is already making huge strides.

On December 7, the company announced a private placement bought deal in the amount of $15 million.

This influx of capital – at such a critical time – figures to go a long way in helping the company ramp up in anticipation of the rapidly-approaching July 1, 2018 legalization…the true “post-prohibition” opportunity of a lifetime.

And the recent announcement of the company’s merger with Tokyo Smoke – as well as the financing and supply agreements with Aphria, Inc. – means that the company:

  • Is well-capitalized and in position to expand within the Canadian and global markets…
  • Has an expanding retail footprint throughout Canada ahead of legalization…
  • Is in position to become the dominant premium cannabis producer in Canada…
  • And has secured access to cannabis supply in anticipation of the coming supply crunch this July.

Brand-Building Powerhouse Trent Kitsch is Poised to Do it Again!

No question about it…investors looking to profit from the surge in pot stocks have a wide range of companies to choose from.

So what makes a company stand out as having truly superior profit potential? 

In the case of DOJA Cannabis (OTC:DJACF); (CSE:DJOA), the company has a distinct advantage over other marijuana companies because of its founder’s success as a brand building powerhouse.

CEO Trent Kitsch founded and built SAXX Underwear into one of the fastest-growing premium men’s underwear brands in North America. 

In 2007, Kitsch collaborated with a clothing designer to create a unique fabric that helped launch SAXX Underwear.

By focusing on the branding of his unique underwear product, Kitsch was able to build SAXX Underwear into an internationally recognizable brand – one that quickly disrupted a well-established men’s underwear market.

Within a short period of time, Kitsch had taken SAXX Underwear from a simple idea to a company with annual sales of 1.5 million units in 100 stores across North America before exiting the business in 2015.[8]

Now Kitsch is following his proven roadmap for branding success to make DOJA Cannabis (OTC:DJACF); (CSE:DJOA) his next big winner.

And the company has a “secret weapon” when it comes to establishing itself as a premium cannabis company…

Location, Location, Location! “The Napa of the North”

DOJA Cannabis (OTC:DJACF); (CSE:DJOA) was established in the beautiful – and abundant – Okanagan Valley in British Columbia…an area known as the “Napa of the North.”


Having already established a successful – and award-winning – boutique winery in the Okanagan Valley, Kitsch and his team intend to incorporate the way of life that so many enjoy in the “Napa of the North” as part of the DOJA lifestyle.

That way of life incorporates the region’s world-class wineries, lakes, golf courses and ski resorts – and could one day include a lucrative cannabis tourism industry.

For now, the Okanagan Valley is home to DOJA Cannabis’ licensed production facility. 


The 7,100 square-foot facility includes three equal-sized growing rooms that together are capable of producing 660 kilograms per year.

DOJA Cannabis (OTC:DJACF); (CSE:DJOA) is the only licensed Canadian producer with an infrastructure engineered specifically for indoor cannabis cultivation.  This includes:

  • Ductless air handlers that create a sealed indoor garden to maintain climate and prevent pest introductio
  • A commercial-grade dehumidifier ideal for the unique indoor garden environmen
  • A biosecurity product that uses photocatalytic reaction to sanitize the air and minimize breakouts of pests, pathogens and mold

This is consistent with the company’s approach toward building a premium cannabis lifestyle brand.

DOJA Cannabis (OTC:DJACF); (CSE:DJOA) plans to feature a range of only the finest curated, handcrafted strains ideally suited for Canada’s emerging cannabis market.

DOJA’s strain selection will be thoughtfully curated to represent the full spectrum of the cannabis experience – from strongly-leaning sativas and indicas to complex hybrids and CBD-dominant strains.

FUTURE LAB is a “Game Changer” for DOJA Cannabis (OTC: DJACF); (CSE: DOJA)

With sufficient cash on hand to actualize the project, DOJA Cannabis (OTC: DJACF); (CSE: DJOA) is targeting a Q2 2018 completion for its FUTURE LAB.

This expansion is a true game-changer for the company.

It will allow DOJA Cannabis to…

  • Expand its production capacity by almost 8 times to more than 5,000 kg/yea
  • Diversify its strain production
  • Integrate a world-class extraction lab and leverage the economies of scale that come from a larger growing space.

The FUTURE LAB also has 325 feet of highway frontage which will be utilized to promote DOJA’s cannabis lifestyle brand to the 1.9 million plus visitors to the Okanagan each year and the 40,000 commuters who drive past the facility each day.

With Canada set to legalize marijuana for recreational use in July 2018 – and a retail marijuana market estimated as high as $8.7 billion – clearly now is the time for investors to consider this early-stage opportunity.

DOJA Cannabis (OTC:DJACF); (CSE:DJOA) has a market cap of roughly $72 million and its shares are currently trading for around $1.25 (CD) each.

But the expected surge in demand coming as legalization in Canada draws near could create significant profit opportunities in those companies best positioned for success.

DOJA Cannabis (OTC: DJACF); (CSE: DJOA) looks to be one of those companies – potentially shaping up to be the #1 Marijuana Stock for 2018.

7 Critical Advantages that Make DOJA Cannabis (OTC:DJACF) (CSE:DOJA) An Attractive Investment Right Now

  • 1
    DOJA Cannabis is Ready to Go – The company’s facility passed inspection and was issued its license in June 2017. Expansion plans are already in place to boost production capacity nearly 8 times by Q2 2018.
  • 2
    Moving Aggressively to Become Canada’s Dominant Retailer – The company recently announced a pair of transformational transactions: a merger with Tokyo Smoke that produces a combined entity that is the only Canadian craft cannabis producer with significant retail presence and three premium lifestyle brands…PLUS a $10 million equity investment from Aphria, Inc. – one of Canada’s largest-volume medical cannabis producers.
  • 3
    Access to a Rapidly-Growing Market – North America’s legal marijuana market is in the early stages of a staggering growth phase. Projections call for this market to grow from $6.7 billion in 2016 to more than $20.2 billion by 2021.[9]
  • 4
    Proven Brand Builder–Trent Kitsch and the team that successfully grew Saxx Underwear bring an extensive knowledge of brand-building to the table. This ability to follow a proven roadmap for success gives the company an extraordinary edge in the early stages of legalization.
  • 5
    The Napa of the North –DOJA Cannabis (OTC:DJACF); (CSE:DJOA) is located in the abundant Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. This region’s way of life provides the inspiration for the premium, lifestyle-focused branding that will set the company apart from the competition.
  • 6
    Premium, Handcrafted Strains –The company plans to feature a range of only the finest curated, handcrafted strains ideally suited for Canada’s emerging cannabis market.
  • 7
    The First of its Kind –DOJA Cannabis (OTC:DJACF); (CSE:DJOA) is the first lifestyle-focused, licensed cannabis producer in all of Canada. The company’s core focus is unique in that it involves building a cannabis lifestyle brand.

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