Crown Baus Capital Corp Teams Up With Cannabis Science On Its Blockchain ICO and Its Shares Rise 240%

Blockchain ICO

Just this morning, Crown Baus Capital Corporation (OTC:CBCA) announced that it has just negotiated a new deal with its sister company Cannabis Science, Inc (OTC:CBIS) to strengthen the new CBIS blockchain and cryptocurrency ICO offering. Details of this agreement are currently being finalized and will be open to the press soon.

At the time of reporting, Crown Baus Capital Corp’s stock price has risen 244%, currently selling at $2.49 a share and Cannabis Science stock is up 12% and now selling at $.13, a share.

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Blockchain and Cannabis stocks have been the hot stocks of the last half of 2017 and seem to be moving into the new year. So much so that companies, have begun adding “blockchain” to their name and in doing so, have seen its share prices soar. However, as cannabis is now recreationally legalized in California, the demand is continuing to rise. Many cannabis companies in the U.S. and Canada have begun adopting blockchain technology into its systems to streamline data reporting and assure accuracy as production ramps up.

As per the press release this morning, CBIS is seeking to link the current capital structure of CBCA with its new asset back blockchain cryptocurrency ICO. The company is also looking to leverage the company’s structure to fast-track growth plans for its current pharma openings in California and pharmaceutical drug development programs, which will now be backed by an ICO offering. CBIS will open its first two Cannabis Science Pharmacies in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley this month.

Cannabis Science pharmacy offers high-quality over-the-counter pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals. The first two pharmacies are its first steps as cannabis is legalized.

As CBIS and CBCA finalize the white papers for the Bitcoin type ICO, the companies have announced it will hold a unique three-symbol trading and will be available on a number of exchanges. As details continue to emerge on this venture, I suspect these stocks will continue to rise.

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