Biotechnology Stocks: Watch SRTS as It Enters New Medical Market

Biotechnology stocks

Biotechnology stocks offer investors some of the most exciting plays. For one thing, this sector is so vast, allowing investors to back anything and everything from serious illness treatments to cosmetic enhancements.

Akin to that, there is potential to profit from the next generation of treatment, and this makes this sector one of the hottest industries for investors to target.

So with that in mind, a biotechnology stock with growth potential ahead is on the radar.

Small-Cap Biotechnology Stocks: Sensus Healthcare (NASDAQ:SRTS)

Sensus stock is currently selling for $5.24 USD on the NASDAQ, up 2.54% on the day. The company is tiny, with a market cap of $86.5 million.

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At present, Sensus Healthcare makes radiation equipment for dermatologists across the globe. The business has been building, and revenue has grown 30% annually for the last three years since its 2016 IPO. That’s all music to investors’ ears. Thus far, the business believes it has captured only 1% market share. If this is the case, then it has a lot of potential growth ahead as it continues to carve out a reputable name in its niche target market.

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However, Sensus is diversifying its operations to increase revenue stream. Now, it will take its radiation expertise and tackle the cancer-treatment market. Sensus Healthcare will be launching the Sculptura Intra-Operative Robotic Radiotherapy System later in the year. This machine aims to treat breast and other cancers and places Sensus into a whole other market.

Biotechnology Stocks to Watch: The Takeaway

If the company’s machine is successful, then Sensus will hold a strong position in two separate medical markets.

Further, according to Sickeconomics:

“The Sculptura may represent a quantum leap in revenue opportunities; each machine sells for $1 million+. For a company with only about $25 million in revenue in 2018, just a few sales per year could mean lightening quick top line growth.”

Assuming sales of this machine explode, then Sensus Healthcare could grow significantly in the next few years, and its shares will likely follow.

What are your thoughts on biotechnology stocks? Any on your radar?

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