Top Mining Companies on the TSXV

With the markets now closed for the day, everybody’s wondering who came out on top? I turned my eyes to mining companies. Here are the top mining companies on the TSXV.

Highbury Projects Inc.

Highbury Projects (TSXV:HPI) is involved in the acquisition, exploration, and identification of mineral properties located in Alaska.

Investor’s Hub shows that Highbury was the 5th top ranking percentage gainer on the Toronto Stock Venture Exchange for the day. The company gained 62.79% today on its stock value, which closed at $0.35. That’s a $0.14 increase from the previous closing price of $0.21.

However, Highbury wasn’t a very popular trader. The company only experienced a total of 2 stock trades on its exchange.

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WestKam Gold Corp.

WestKam Gold (TSXV:WKG) (OTC:ERRCF) works with, you guessed it, gold. The company is currently working on developing the Bonaparte property that is near Kamloops, but WestKam explores sites across Canada.

WestKam is ranked as the 9th top percentage gainer on the TSXV, having gained 42.86%. The percentage change, however, only equalled a $0.015 price difference. WestKam closed today at $0.05; the previous closing price was $0.035.

The company did better with stock trades than Highbury. WestKam traded 168 times.

Five days ago, WestKam released a corporate update. On the day of the announcement, little movement could be seen in the stock. Is the news just catching up to investors now, or is the percentage gain just another part of the daily market waves?

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Pacific Bay Minerals Ltd.

Pacific Bay Minerals (TSXV:PBM) works in Argentina and in Canada. The company focuses on the acquisition, exploration, and evaluation of mineral properties, some of which include Haskins-Reed Zinc-Polymetalic, Weaver Lake Gold, Boulder Gold, Otish Uranium, and Regalo Uranium.

Pacific Bay is the 12th top percentage gainer on the Toronto Stock Venture Exchange. The company gained 37.50%, which only translated to a $0.015 price change. The stock closed at $0.055, placing it close in price to WestKam Gold Corp. It received only 4 stock trades today.

Mining companies such as these ones did well on the TSXV when percentage gain is considered. However, when actually looking closely at the numbers, most didn’t move very far in terms of price change, with the exception of Highbury and even that was only a $0.14 difference. At least all three were up though, which is more than can be said for many cannabis stocks.

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