The Top 5 Lithium Experts Investors Should Follow

Are you looking to start investing in lithium? If so, here are the top five lithium experts that investors should follow. As with any industry, there are a number of experts who offer insight on the lithium market, lithium companies, and how one should go about investing in lithium.

1. Chris Berry – President of House Mountain Partners and co-editor of the Disruptive Discoveries Journal

As an independent analyst and respected industry source, Chris Berry offers insight on lithium and other critical metals, such as cobalt and graphite. Berry is interested in innovation, strategic metals, and supply chain dynamics.

After working on Wall Street for 15 years, Berry began writing and speaking at conferences around the globe.

How to Follow Chris Berry

Berry writes articles for the Disruptive Discoveries Journal, but he can also be found on Twitter.

2. Simon Moores – Managing Director of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Founder of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, Simon Moores works to provide investors with data and analysis on critical minerals and metals, disruptive technologies and promising markets that have emerged. Moores is a credible source as he worked at Industrial Minerals for several years and gained a foundation of knowledge about critical metals before founding his company.

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More specifically, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence specializes in analyzing the supply chain for batteries, such as graphite, cobalt, and lithium.

How to follow Simon Moores

There are various ways to follow Moores. You can read the Benchmark Mineral Intelligence blog and sign up for a membership, or both Moores and Benchmark are on Twitter.

3. Jon Hykawy – President and Director of Stormcrow Capital

Jon Hykawy uses his PhD in physics and 14 years of experience on Bay Street to produce advanced research on numerous different companies and industries.

As stated by Stormcrow, their aim is “to keep its readers and clients ahead of change, while helping them take full advantage of the volatility in the critical materials, and technology markets.” Additionally, Stormcrow Capital provides advisory services to both private and public companies.

How to follow Jon Hykawy

One of main reasons that investors should follow Hykawy and his firm is because all of Stormcrow’s research is available for free to the public and is accessible on their website.

4. Daniela Desmoreaux – General Manager of SignumBOX

After working in market intelligence for Sensors Quality Management for three years, Desmoreaux decided to create SignumBOX. The firm is based in Chile and providers investors with market intelligence on lithium and numerous other industries for national and international markets. With her experience and background in natural resource economics, Desmoreaux has grown to be a highly respected source in the industry.

How to follow Daniela Desmoreaux:

Desmoreaux is available on Twitter and with a subscription, investors are able to read her publications on SignumBOX

5. Joe Lowry – Global Lithium

If you’re looking for a source with a unique outlook on investing in lithium, Joe Lowry is your guy! For two decades, Lowry worked with FMC, another key lithium producer, before he founded his consulting firm, Global Lithium.

With over two decades of experience working in the industry, Lowry has developed an advanced network across the top lithium suppliers and users. His firm specializes in market analysis, sourcing, recruiting, and negotiations.

How to follow Joe Lowry:

Other than his Twitter account, Lowry is a hard guy to get a hold of. That said, it’s beneficial to check out his LinkedIn from time to time.

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