Revelo Resources Corp. and other Junior Mining Companies to Watch on the Stock Market

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As all investors know, investments in junior companies can be hard. With the rising popularity of several commodities, however, several junior companies are showing great potential. Here are some small stocks who have made some big moves on Tuesday, June 6, 2017.

Revelo Resources Corp. (TSXV:$RVL)

A Letter of Intent (LOI) with London-based mining company Hochschild Mining (LON:$HOC) has been announced with project generator Revelo Resources Corp. has sparked much speculation among investors.

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The project generator company’s shares rose to $0.55 (a whopping 22% rise) after its announcement of signing an LOI with Hochschild Mining. The LOI allows for Hochschild to earn 100% interest in Revelo’s gold-silver project in Chile, provided that Hochschild makes several in-ground investments and/or drilling commitments that totals US$13 million and/or 30,000 meters, as well as a separate series of cash payments of US$5.3 million. After the 100% interest is applied, Hochschild then must also provide another payment of US$15 million in cash, with an NSR Royalty on future production to Revelo.

Osprey Gold Development Ltd. (TSXV:$OS)

After obtaining and locating an impressive amount of digitized historical data on all four of its property assets in Nova Scotia — the Goldenville Gold Project, Lower Seal Harbour Project, Gold Lake Project, and Miller Lake Project — this junior mining company is showing some good progress and potential to being an excellent option for gold investment. Shares for Osprey rose 13% to $0.395 on Tuesday.

EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies Corp. (TSXV:$EHT)

The company’s stock moved up 6% to $0.17 after announcing a Joint Venture agreement that was made with Groupe NDUOM Limited of Ghana, West Africa. The agreement was based around creating a Joint Manufacturing Facility in the city of Accra.

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