Auroch Minerals LTD Begins Exploratory Drilling at Two Prospective European Project Sites

Auroch Minerals LTD

Auroch Minerals (ASX: AOU) is an up and coming mining company that is looking to begin exploratory drilling at two sites in an ambitious new project. The two sites are both located in continental Europe.

The first site is located in Alcoutim and is a highly prospective holding. The mine is located along the strike from the huge Neves Corvo mine in the Iberian Pyrite Belt. Currently, AOU has just finished Phase 1 of its drilling campaign at Alcoutim. They have just completed a 689-meter third hole.

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The second hold – known as ALFP002 – went 830 meters and struck a stratigraphy volcanic sedimentary complex. The site also boasts significant magnetic similarities with the Foupana magnetic anomaly, which bodes well for the prospect.

The second site, located at Tisova, is built in a 12th-century mine that originally produced 560,00 tons of ore a day during the period between 1959 and 1973. This week the company commenced its four hole 1500m Phase 1 diamond drilling campaign. They also recently secured drilling approval.

The first hole is planned to reach 500 meters and targets a thick sulfide-rich portion of the orebody, with mineralization expected at a depth of 250 meters to 460 meters. The exploratory drilling marks the first time the ancient mine will be mapped with 3D modeling technology, utilizing historical data of the site.

These early results demonstrate that the feasibility of the AOU’s perspective mining projects.

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